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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

God's M.C.

I am blessed and unashamed of the many talents God has endowed me with. This is my gift to the world enjoy!

God's M.C.

God's Son is my mannerism I learned from catechism
That Jesus Christ is risen from this sinful prison
Bless the dead curse the living
Love your foes and keep forgiving
To die is why we living I'm not flowing I'm spitting
Captivating and hard hitting my life a sacrifice
If I could I'd do it twice pour out my soul when I write
So you know I'm twice as nice better than the average rapper
Put your hands together be a clapper
Against life but for the here after
I'm after the first and the last the present is my past
I am the future here at last God is here so don't ask
Who's underneath the mask? Who's holding heat and packed?
I'm too real I don't act at any time I can blast
Hard Verbal blows that take the ground from underneath ya
You can run or hide behind a front however I will reach ya
God I seek ya through thick and thin
Have mercy on me though I live in sin

Deeper Than Rhymes: Art, Love, and Poetry (Can you tell me what Hardcore Hip Hop artist the drawing is?)

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This is just a snippet of what's to come so stay tuned!