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Friday, January 11, 2013

it's a hit!

2013 is off to a fantastic start just wrapped a supporting lead role in Honey, Meet My Wife! Check out the Trailer:

And the Action Packed Cinemax Series BANSHEE Just Premiered!
Feelin’ it

I met Frankie Faison on set!

Imagine What's Next......

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The New Year is here! 2012 was fun and went by pretty fast now 2013 will be bigger and better! Here's the video of my last Poetry Show captured by Darius Monte Evans! Be sure to like his page:

Deeper Than Rhymes is Available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble

Here's my Testimony:          

End of the World 2012 New Beginning 2013

2012 was a blast that went by so fast
I made so much cash from all the films I was cast
never worked so hard in my life at my day job
but hard work really pays off so I must Thank God
No problem arose that wasn't a blessing in disguise
T-boned a car on set that resulted in a big check
Worker's comp and repairs thanks to gieco
Thankful that I didn't kill the old driving psycho
it's official my credits are listed on imdb
even my fan page has over 600 likes my life is poetry
my dreams will slowly be formed into reality 
I can see it taking shape come 2013
all my passions and desires and artistic expressions
will be legendary leaving a legacy for future generations
don't stop believing in what really matters to you
follow through move by faith and make them come true
I do continuously and God always makes a way
never fear what may happen even in the end of days
Good will win in the end no matter what disaster strikes
From Sandy to Sandy Hook everything is covered in His Book
I'm not scared to take a look at tomorrow
Rest in peace to all the deceased there is no more sorrow
I will marry and end this bachelor life it's been too long
All my exes have kids and the woman of my dreams is still strong
There's nothing wrong with growing up I'm damn near 30
Though I may not look it I'm worn out being flirty
Late night laying pipe gets old I want someone to hold
and I don't want to wait until I'm too old 
Though it was fun ladies and cougars young simba has to go
I feel it in my soul it is time to grow
A picture perfect smile in Wal-mart my face shines
Homeland Secret Service Agent seen behind
all the big named actors knowing I will be bigger
by God's grace sin won't overtake this sinner
because I will sin again and again until the end
Love not withstanding I won't pretend
to even know what that means it's all tender mercies
loving kindness will follow me for truth I am thirsty
a new way of thinking centered on love and love only
will change the world for the better because love is holy


and don't forget to smile!