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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hurt People, Hurt People but God can Heal the Hurt!

I have finally hit the stage and had a live one-take performance! Hurt People, Hurt People but only God can Heal the Hurt is a phenomenal play filled with a diversely talented cast of which I am honored to be a part of. My character's name is Chrome and he's as bad as his name sounds. Come and see the drama and you will be moved by this soul-stirring story, satisfaction guaranteed!.

Get Details HERE!

Earlier this month Creative Loafing of Charlotte named me the Best Actor! My mother went with me to the celebration event! 

The Stainless Queen of my Heart!!

I thank God constantly for all the notoriety and look forward to the day I can give back! I pray that this little fame doesn't change me but moves me closer to what really matters in life: FAMILY!

The world is a small place and we're all more connected than it seems so no matter how hard I work to accomplish my dreams the ultimate goal of my destiny is to be a BLESSING!

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