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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not Guilty Not Innocent

This is a sad day in America where a wannabe cop can kill an unarmed teenager and get acquitted. The man who pulled the trigger is George Zimmerman and his victim was Trayvon Martin. Both have a tainted history and the case is arguable but the fact remains that a teenager is dead. Still the legal system of the United States of America have found him not guilty of second degree murder and he walks free. My blood boils because this happens way too often and race is an underlying factor. I am only calmed by my faith that God will administer true justice. My condolences to the family of Trayvon Martin and the long list of slaughtered kids by unjust cops.

This artwork is a modern rendition of Francisco de Goya's painting depicting a slaughter.
It is in black and white in my book Deeper Than Rhymes; Art, Love, and Poetry.

The George Zimmerman case rocked the nation and many debates about race. Paula Dean ended her career with one word. Here's how I feel about my race in America also featured in my book:


The word white slave masters used to describe us

all the way from Africa enchained brought to America
now mass hysteria follows it because of History
when pale skinned whip cracker decendants show thier bigotry
viciously in the past but not yet free at last
of the hate behind it we are constantly reminded
of racial injustice just turn on the news
the white girl on the view don't understand our point of view
so oblivious and confused she goes on to boo hoo
how come it's alright for ya'll to say it why can't we use it too?
because the truth is it came from you but we made it cool
as a term to endear or smear colored folks acting a fool
now a tool comics capitalize off and artists make the best of
Blacks only because whitey used it to show no love
from "the Niggers" on Chappelle's skit to Southpark's Nigger guy
society seems to be becoming less nigger shy
but still niggers die on the streets by police
or arrested unfairly and sent to the slaughter house like sheep
we keep tolerating this mess being politically incorrect
under subtle disrespect in a white world that neglects
our needs but the word makes them see

how uncomfortable things really are for you and me

Only in the Red, White, and Blue: