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Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Madness Women's Empowerment!

March is proving to be a month of madness and empowerment! Currently my head is throbbing and heart is pounding frantically and peace seems far off but stopping is not an option! What a monumental month! God please give me strength!!

My cousin Obieze Moneke came to spend his Spring Break with us! He plays basketball for Wingate University and has a full ride scholarship!

This month has been a milestone in my life because I proposed to my Soulmate and she said YES!! Things aren't the best between us right now but we're in it together and by God's grace we'll make it through!! Her nonprofit is up and running! I'm so proud of her!! Check out TW2 Inc.

I even shared my love for her to the student body of ECU at a T.E.A.M. (talented empowered aspired men) and W.O.M.A.N. (woman organization for minorities achieving now) event and they were ecstatic! They also enjoyed my Poetry performance and made purchases! Here's a piece I shared with them called "Soulful Words".

Glitz the entertainer was at this year's Women's Empowerment! Get your shine on!

Preview Trailer of my latest work on Prelude To Infusco!

Prelude To Infusco Official Trailer from Ebony Wilson on Vimeo.

And that's not it there's so much to come thanks be to God!!

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