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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Praise the Lord for He is God! Doors are beginning to open that I've been knocking on for years!! As a citizen of America I used my freedom and right to vote early today and chose to RE-ELECT OBAMA!! Though we are living in tough times it takes a strong leader to get us through them and I believe that Barack Obama has the wisdom and humility to do so. Clearly God has appointed him to this position and I want to see him finish the job with 4 more years! That's just my opinion so you are welcome to disagree as long as you make a choice! Don't be a useless member of society USE YOUR VOICE AND VOTE!! If you haven't already mark your calanders for November 6th!

On a lighter note many of you have seen me on display at your local Walmart!
Nothing beats my killer smile ;-)

It's official I'm on IMDB with a slew of credits and more to come!!

Stay tuned....