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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Help me WIN!

There's a Film Contest in the Charlotte Film Community and I'm in it so PLEASE Vote for "Fear of Failure" and click the confirmation e-mail to finalize! Just go to and click on "films" to watch then click on "vote" to place your vote. It's that simple.
Winners of all the categories, including Viewers Choice Award, will be announced at our awards party on Oct. 10th at Wiskey River starting at 7 pm. You can find more info about that by clicking on "party".
Also Check out my Single on Itunes called "Who I am" available for download! And come out to my First Booked Poetry Show on September 25 purchase tickets by clicking

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ten years ago I was in boot camp preparing to graduate as a Marine when two planes hit the twin towers. I was in shock and hope to never feel such devestation again. Now that Bin Laden is dead thanks to President Obama America has overcome alot of obstacles since then. There is still a lot of work to do but let us not forget the reason we are faced with so many problems today namely George W.

After hearing President Obama's Jobs Act speech I was inspired and fired up! Last month MLK's monument became official and his dream lives on....

Despite all those who wish this great country to fail we will never back down. Keep on fighting the good fight for peace and prosperity! God bless us all!

I have an upcoming Poetry Show that deperately needs your support! Thanks in advance!