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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 A Year Of Love Pains

This year has had its ups and downs but I am grateful for still being here. God bless my dear cousin Chinedu who passed away not long after my Mother and I visited Nigeria. Thank God for journey mercies on that trip and all my relatives over there.

My Darling Queen Alisha, I thank the Lord for you most of all! You have been there with me through thick and thin this year, even when I was at my worst. God bless you for your love and grant you all your heart's desire.

Other highlights of the year include the renewed Belk Bowl Commercial:

Belk Bowl || "Like Minds" TV Ads (2014) from H. Blake Edwards on Vimeo.

New Hope Church Ad:

And here's a poem I wrote last night putting everything in perspective for 2016!

Twenty 15 felt like a dream now that 2016 is here
It’s time to wake up and get to work in order to persevere
Put to practice what last year taught you
Learn from your mistakes
The only way to get through hurdles in life
Is with hope, courage, and faith
Pray more and believe God
His word never lies
He is a rewarder of those who obey
But don’t despise being chastised
Embrace Jesus everyday and thank Him for the victory
Show love wherever you go to friends and foes equally
Watch peace become your portion and favor follow you
When you tackle every situation with love and sincerely follow through
With good works and kind words instead of anger and aggression
Because hate begets more hate and that leads many to depression
Progression comes with proper planning and disciplined preparation
Set goals and work towards them diligently without procrastination
Have no fear of the unknown just trust God and move forward
Look at all he did for you in 2015 be encouraged and go for it
God made you an overcomer because he overcame this world for you
Be confident in His love don’t budge always know the Lord is for you
To live the abundant life covered by His grace and mercy

Growing in faith knowing He is faithful to take you from glory to glory!